Saturday, February 8, 2014

Java Jive

In my month-long adventure of sewing at least 20 minutes each day, I have discovered I have some questions.  Does pressing count? What about cutting…designing…selecting fabric?  At first, I thought only sewing would count as sewing, but then I started this little project, and I found that I could spend two or three days choosing fabric.  And yesterday, a charming young lady I know asked for help making scrub tops.  This will take several hours, and since I want to encourage her interest in sewing, I will be doing the pressing and cutting and cheerleading while she feels the magic of putting the ‘pedal to the metal’.  I think I was completely hooked on sewing after my very first time at the controls (it was a Singer Featherweight, and I was about eight years old). 

Therefore, I have made a unilateral decision – it all counts.
So, yesterday, I designed, traced, and cut a little wall quilt I am making for a friend of mine who has a special need. She has an office door that has a window in it, and she would like a variety of little quilts less than 16 x 25 inches to brighten up the place. 

I had already spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with...I mean judiciously choosing... fabrics when my husband arrived, and tried to steer me toward more 'realistic' subdued colors.  Running into the room behind him was Sophia, my outrageously adorable two year old granddaughter.  She clearly disagreed with him, as she pulled one fabric after another out of my fabric shelves, declaring, "color...oooh, color" after each selection.  Now I know you don't believe me, so I invite those of you who know my husband to ask him.  (I considered posting his cell phone number here, but decided if I did, I would never be able to talk to him myself).
 Today, buttonhole (blanket) stitched the applique into place. I used Invisifil thread in the bobbin (it is 100 wt., which is quite fine, and I love it.  It stitches out great, and a bobbin lasts forever!), and a variety of threads in the top.  I love how it has turned out so far. 
Now I need to decide on a border - I was thinking of prairie points - anyone have any great ideas?

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  1. I agree, it all counts. How about a checkerboard border?