Monday, February 17, 2014

Wise Guys and Hot Toddies

Well – such a busy week.  But I finally took down the last Christmas decoration.  A wall quilt of the three wisemen.

I made this a number of years ago.  When I had finished the applique and quilting, my mother stitched faces on the camels and wiseguys.
Also this week - I had the plague… and control of both of my granddaughters for the past few days.  David, my dear sweet husband, assured me that it was not the plague, just a cold; so for two nights, he gave me zinc and a massive hot toddy, which he would not let me watch him make.  I don’t know what was in it, but I slept like a baby, and now I feel soooo much better.  Well, I FELT better, until I was serving breakfast to my older granddaughter.  She asked if I had any honey for her toast.  I assured her we did, as I had just purchased a bottle. 
This led to a side discussion with hubby.  He informed me that there was no honey left.
 [incredulous look]
 ‘Those hot toddies are mostly honey’, he says.
‘No wonder I look like Winnie the Pooh’, says I.
‘You don’t look like Winnie the Pooh’, says my granddaughter, hugging me around my middle.
[I smile, smitten]
‘He’s ORANGE!’ She says.
She is now with the other grandmother (completed unrelated to this story, I assure you).  They have gone to a resort where there is a swimming pool, Jaccuzzi, and buffet breakfast, complete with lox, bagels and capers.  [Dodged that bullet – if I had gone, I might wind up resembling Shamu].
While she was with me, we kept busy.  She decided she needed a mug rug with a cupcake on it.
This was based on my Cupcakes! pattern.
She chose all of the fabrics, and did all of the pressing.  I quilted it, and put on the binding.  She usually does this as well, but a deadline was looming(apparently, she thought it would come in handy at the resort).   Did I mention she is not yet eight years old?
I used my micro tac basting gun to hold the mug rug together while I quilted it (outlined the cupcake with Invisifil 100 wt. thread from wonderfil.  I love that thread – not only is it great for quilting (especially dense quilting, where a heavier thread causes unattractive thread buildup) I also use it in the bobbin – because it is so fine, the bobbin lasts forever!

Oh, speaking of Cupcakes – as part of my Drop And Give Me Twenty, (see here) I did manage to quilt the Cupcake wall quilt.  I know it looks lumpy, but that is my photography skills rather than my quilting.

Now I just need to bind it and add buttons.  There are so many ways I could embellish this, I really want to play …




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